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Professional TV Installation

Installing home theater systems or mounting a brand-new TV may seem like a simple thing to do, but there are a lot of factors to consider before it’s done successfully. Here are some of the things to consider:

· Sources of Heat

One of the big no-no’s is installing the TV adjacent to sources of heat like a fireplace or a radiator.

· Exposed Wires

Exposed wires ruin the look of an expertly-installed or mounted television. Expert installers utilize a variety of ways to hide wires. They can use an in-wall power extension, a power bridge or even wireless speakers.

· Lighting and Ventilation

Windows and room lights should be taken into account when positioning the TV. Adequate cooling should also be ensured for all the electronic components, which is the reason why a good ventilation system is important.

Although there are a lot of DIY installation tips and procedures online, it is still a good idea to get a professional technician to do the work for you. Reliable and trusted technicians will do the job well and will ensure that everything is working properly. They are also very knowledgeable with various parts of the entire system such as component video connectors, speaker wires, and others, and they are also familiar with how they are used.

1800 Install

If you are looking for TV installs and TV mounting services within the vicinity of Brooklyn NY, call 1800 Install. 1800 Install offers a comprehensive list of services including mounting and hanging televisions, installing home theatres, and cable box shelf installation. 1800 Install technicians are also trained to install home automation systems. Their service areas also include other New York boroughs and New Jersey. Their dedicated professional technicians get things done efficiently and expertly. When TV install and TV mounting are done right, you’ll end up with a top-notch system that you and your family will enjoy.

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